Eric Cagle

About Me

Music has always Been a part of my life. As A child I used to beat on coffee cans that I turned into Tom toms and it would take me to another dimension. The best music to me always takes us somewhere. A good place or a bad place is really subjective. Sometimes we want and need to feel happy and sometimes we want and need to feel is a great teacher. Happiness to motivate us and sadness so that we will not do the same thing again. Music Rocks!  This label has been a lifelong dream of mine. I have a personal history of bringing many of my dreams into this reality! We all create things in this one big dream, imagination is actually a future image of a Nation! This label will belong to all of us. I am only the founder and CEO.  That is just my job here! I will be writing more in the future about our mission and business model the name has a literal meaning. Let this be a good place to start your career! Your friend Eric Cagle. also known to some folks by my medicine name Dreaming Wolf! Let’s get this party started. I have taken the first step along with My Business partners Quantez Hendrix and Matthew Galt. More to come soon!